Serum Transport or Multipurpose Vials


Serum Transport Vial is also called Multipurpose Vial or Serum Vial. This tube’s used to transport serum to laboratories. This vial can be loaded directly into the automated equipment after barcoding. Thus the processes of transferring the serum into the Ria Vials can be eliminated, thus increasing the speed and saving costs.

AV Consumable’s Serum Transport Vial is leak-proof and can be used directly in all the equipment. Good quality Medical Grade raw material’s used to make this product and this vial’s unbreakable. Two types of vials are available, one with a flat bottom and one with a round bottom.



Size : 13 X 75
Dome Options : With or Without Dome
Label Options : With or Without Label
Packaging : Neatly Packed, Pack of 100