AV Consumables

“No more Specimen recollections!” That’s the simple vision that inspired the birth of AV Consumables. AV’s parent organization, Scientific Diagnostic Centre (SDC, founded in 1988), based out at Ahmedabad is amongst India’s first NABL-certified pathology labs.

“At SDC, we were experiencing quality issues with blood collection tubes resulting in specimen recollections. Armed with pathology lab expertise of SDC and founder’s expertise in Plastic Engineering, we initiated the journey to manufacture our own tubes in 2008”

Today, AV Consumables supplies lab disposable products throughout 20+ states in India and have entered into International Market as well. AV Consumables is an ISO 9001/2015 and ISO 13485/2016, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as medical manufacturing company, CDCSO – Drug License and EU-CE certified for our products.


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